Monday, 22 June 2015

Getting Your C3/DS CAOS Language Guide

How to get a full listing of the CAOS commands acceptable to your C3/DS engine.

If you don't have access to the CAOS Tool, there is still a way to get documentation about all of the CAOS commands you need to start developing. This file acts as a dictionary of all the CAOS commands that are being used in your game, and is very useful when developing.

The information can be presented in two ways - an alphabetical listing of the commands, or a categorical listing. Both formats are useful so it is worth getting both. The alphabetical listing is useful for a quick-glance reference, and the categorical listing is useful when you're thinking about what each of the commands do, in relation to similar commands.

Open up the CAOS command line in-game CTRL+SHIFT+C and type in the following (all on one line):

file oope 1 "CAOS alphabetical.html" 0 dbg: html 0 file oclo

After you have done this you should find a file called "CAOS alphabetical.html" has been created in your journal folder.

To create the categorical version, type the following:

file oope 1 "CAOS categorical.html" 0 dbg: html 1 file oclo

This creates the file "CAOS categorical.html" in the same place.

If you are running Creatures Exodus it is a little harder to find the file you need.

  On Macintosh, look in your ~/Library/Preferences/Creatures Labs/Docking Station/data/Journal folder.

If you're on a PC, you'll want to look in My Documents for an analogous Journal folder.

If you are running Docking Station on Linux, you'll need to display hidden files, and then look for the Journal folder in ~/.dockingstation/Journal.

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