Monday, 11 January 2016

Playing with Hippies

I took Delambri from the Hippy Norn's Hangout, added in some Forest Norn genes, LummoxJR's active antibody genes, and a couple of genes for homeostasis (hot and cold cancelling each other out, same with loneliness and crowdedness). I added in the 'die of old age gene' (only present in the Forest and Ron norns) but left the IV antioxidant capable of extending the norns' lifespan. 

As Lis suggested, I installed the Grendel Friendly cob, along with several toys, food items, etc. 

The norn tangle was intense.

Spreading out now.
I hatched eight norns in the beginning, and I think this was a bit of a mistake - the norn tangle was intense, and even though some norns escaped it, some remained pretty much stationary in the kitchen for a long time.  Luckily, hotness is one of the drives which the hippy norn does not use its life force to reduce - an explanation that Lis gives is that they are just too "blissed out" to be bothered moving. 

My first death occurred at 5 hours and 35 minutes, of old age.  I'm not sure why Hans prematurely aged, but I suspect it was something to do with how the Purple Mountain genes for stress interacted with his hippy nature, or a deleterious mutation.  After this, I kept a more watchful eye on the 'ageing toxin', which controls life stage and life span in C1 norns. 

It was difficult for me to help these norns in time - if I was alerted by a slightly lower life force (commonly, hippy life force can be at 99 or 100%), for example, something in the 70s, 60s, or even 40s and 20s, by the time I looked in the health kit, their metabolism had often reduced the drive enough so that I didn't know what was wrong.  Often, a quick push of the ball, or a go on the Encyclopaedia Nornica would solve their woes, but sometimes it wouldn't.  Then I would follow Lis's advice to spank them a bit and then tickle them, so that they would be explicitly having a drive reduced.  (I wonder if the half-life of a drive might have something to do with it?)

If you'd like to try out some hippy norns in your world, why not try one of mine?
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