Friday, 25 March 2016

Still Alteration

Inspired by Jessica's recent C1 COBs, and a recentish discussion Jessica and Lone Shee have had about the Island Carrot Vendor's mechanism, I have experimented with adding the ability for creatures to push the distillery in the cellar.  The Island Carrot Vendor does not create a carrot, but instead feeds the creature that pushes it directly, so I thought I'd add that ability to the hootch still.

I'm not sure about how much of which chemicals to add, so I've probably erred on the side of caution here ("I got out of bed for this?!?!?!").

Each push should give your creature:
  • 20 Hunger Decrease
  • 10 Need for Pleasure Decrease
  • 20 Starch
The remover script will restore your still to its previous state.  It won't make too much of a dint in a norn's hunger if they are in the red, but it may save lives in a pinch - and it is more consistent with the Island Carrot Vendor.

Download the Still Alteration Here!
I would appreciate feedback and thoughts on the concentration of chemicals that should be added by the still.  Don't forget that with a tool like BoBCoB or the Creatures Editor, and with a C1 Chemical List, you too can edit a COB to change the chemicals it injects.  

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