Thursday, 5 October 2017

Free Art Source -! is a website with the purpose of providing art, photographs, and videos for free.

The images can be searched for by whether they are photographs, vector graphics, illustrations (including CGI), or videos.  Furthermore, you can search by if the image is in portrait or landscape orientation, and by several broad categories, like Nature/Landscapes.  

When you find a picture, you can download a smaller resolution version for free, under a Creative Commons 0 license.  A larger version is available if you sign up for free.  Pixabay is partnered with Shutterstock, so make sure you are careful not to fall in love with the first image you see - there is a line of Shutterstock content for sale up the top of all search results, and to the right.  

There are some oddities with spriting for the Creatures series that Pixabay images  may need to be altered to fit - in particular, pure black  appears transparent in-game.  However, Pixabay has a wide variety of free art which could easily be adapted into background images for digital collage metarooms.

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