Friday, 7 August 2015

Free Art Source -! is a website with the purpose of providing "a solid (and hopefully ever-expanding) variety of high quality, freely licensed art, so that free/open source game developers can use it in their games."

It has several different kinds of art available on the site - 2D art (including pixel-style art), 3D art, concept art, textures, music, sound effects, and documents such as tutorials.

The search bar allows you to search by the license that the artwork has been released under - if you need something that's compatible with what you want to do with the artwork.  CC0, or the public domain, is generally the freest possible license, but it's worthwhile finding out about the terms and conditions of the other licenses to find out if they can suit your purpose.  Licenses which are just "CC-BY" and a version number are usually pretty easy to comply with, as well - you have to say who created the artwork and link back to them.  A list of all the licenses available on the site, and what they mean, is available under their FAQ.

There are some tagging features, but I haven't been able to find a tag cloud yet - you might like to browse through the animatedsidescroller or platformer tag for potential critter sprites.

There are some oddities with spriting for the Creatures series that these sprites may need to be altered to fit - in particular, pure black  appears transparent in-game.  However, OpenGameArt has a wide variety of free art which could easily be adapted into Creatures COBs and agents.


  1. Do you know if includes a link to the artist in a read me counts as a link back?

  2. I've put the link in the readme, but I've also sometimes put a hyperlink where I've described the agent. I figure that it's easy and even if someone doesn't download my agent, they know where I got the art from.